Cell joins a very heavy lineup of some of the thrashiest musicians in Reno and Northern California!

Condemned Existence: Condemned Existence is a metal band from Reno NV. Implementing many metal sub-genres, CE has a blend of fast thrash parts with groovy rhythms and breaks.

Among The First: Individually coming from very different musical backgrounds Among the First was formed in early 2016 by Allen Wheeler (guitar), Taylor Klisiewicz (drums), and Nick Herst (bass) as an outlet for a collection of years of versatile musical experience and influence. With inspiration coming from a vast catalog of musical and creative influences including but not limited to NIN, Sevendust, Papa Roach, In This Moment and others, ATF has managed to carve out a powerful, heart felt, and intense musical experience that they will soon be taking to the local, national, and eventually global market. Over the course of 15 years the members of ATF and have collectively toured and or shared the stage with the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Steel Panther, Papa Roach, Static X, Machine Head, Otep, Otherwise, Trapt, and many others

Beauty is Betrayal: Beauty Is Betrayal is born and raged in Sacramento, CA. Formed back in 2015 by front woman Bri Cowgill, alongside Burn Halo’s very own guitar player, Ryan Frost. The powerful duo bonded over dark humor, the love of the odd treasures, and of course, inner anger. Beauty’s sound includes hauntingly evil guitar riffs, fast heavy drums, and a uniquely powerful blend of Cowgill’s & Frost’s vocals leaves you pumped & wanting more. The band has gone on to main support national bands including: Escape The Fate, Oh, Sleeper, Burn Halo, and HED P.E. Beauty is fearless & dramatic when it comes to their live performance. They demand attention with not only their music, but with their theatrics showcasing bloody suites & masks, strange stage decorations, intense high energy, and comedic crowd interactions. Recently, Beauty just got done tracking a 5 song EP with producer Mick Kenney. As well as released a music video for their cover of Katy Perry’s, “Dark Horse.” Beauty Is Betrayal leaves you with an experience you have to see to believe, if you’re not too scared.

Doors @ 6 pm show at 8:30 pm $8 cover 21 & over