Tigers On Opium is a hard rock band based out of Portland, OR. They have a distinct stoner rock sound that incorporates punk, psychedelic and desert rock traits, with lyrics typically involving esotericism, mysticism, underground drug and social culture, personal experiences, and marijuana...Critics have frequently compared the band’s sound to heavy hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Torche, Alice in Chains and Refused. Quitter is also a multi-infused Rock band based out of Reno, NV. They've opened for various touring acts continuing to win the hearts of locals with their gritty, dissonant sound, but light and catchy Surf Rock style vocals. The Band Cell is an Art Rock band from Reno, NV that comes with original music consisting of melodious passages, prog sections, and anthemic Rock n' Roll with a hint of classic rock influence.