From the recording Vividry

With influences ranging from Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, and Metal, Cell releases their debut single, "Vividry," which is a word you will not find in the dictionary. Combining the words "vivid" and "imagery," listeners are encouraged to find their own meaning within our music due to its subjective nature.

Released December 13th, 2019
Darian "Leon" Nielson-Vocals
Darion Jordan-Guitars
Tyler Smelich-Guitars
Doug Jordan-Bass
Jonathan Louis-Drums/Percussion


Verse 1:
My brain explodes like a brush on fire
It paints a canvas of what I desire
I truly live in what I see
Makes me feel such Vividry

Feel control you feel the flow of what’s inside your mind
Don’t detract, it’s really there the beauty that’s inside
Disconnect, and redirect the emotion that you hide
You’ll never know just where you go once you feel alive

Verse 2:
I don’t mind silence inside my shell
It gives me peace when I don’t feel well
Sit back enjoy the serenity
Makes me feel such Vividry